Common Problems in
Attendance Data Capture

We conducted a study to identify the most common problems that companies are facing while using conventional time log data capture approaches or devices.

Log books and Bundy Clocks

Encoding time logs from log books and bundy clock time cards is very time consuming and prone to human errors. There is also the well known concern of buddy punching (time theft).

Barcode / Magnetic / RF ID cards and Card Readers

Cards can be lost, misplaced or stolen. When stolen cards are used by the wrong people, it may lead to severe losses.

Standalone Fingerprint Scanner Devices

There is a high risk of contagious disease transfer to employees that uses a common finger scanner device. Therefore, they can be unhygienic.

Portable Attendance Capture Devices

Since it is portable, capacity can be limited. The stored data also lacks encrytion and can be easily edited during transfer.

Online Attendance Applications

Internet connectivity is not always available to every work sites. Sometimes, it is not practical to install internet just for the sole purpose of attendance capture. Mobile attendance capture can also be easily cheated.

Ready-made Softwares and Missing Support

You are forced to adapt to the existing software workflow instead of implementing your company workflow.  There are no room for improvements or changes.


To solve the above mentioned problems, we developed an Intelligent System (Intelisys) solution that address these concerns and much more.


  • Zero physical contact, a most hygienic way of capturing time logs.
  • Simultaneous face recognition, no more long lines during time in/out.
  • Informative screen during face identification. Displays attendance summary and daily time logs history.
  • Online and offline operation. Internet or network connectivity is optional.
  • Encrypted and compressed data. This ensures that data are secured and tamper safe.


  • Unlimited users and employees.
  • Unlimited departments and subsidiary companies.
  • Flexible schedule templates that supports compressed schedules.
  • Overtime and Leave approval workflow.
  • Easily resolve time log descrepancies. (incomplete timelogs)
  • Customized reports. Only show what you want to see.
  • Manageable user permissions and transparent audit logs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What device are you selling for the face recogntion?

Intellisys can be installed to a computer running windows operating system. You can then attach a webcam to use for the face recognition. We recommend logitech brands.

How fast is the face recognition?

Actual benchmark shows that from face detection to face identification, it takes around half a second. But since Intelli-Face supports simultaneous face recognition, your employees will not pile up in line.

How much does your system cost?

We need to assess you requirements such as number of employees and number or intelli-face systems to implement in order to provide you our recommendations and give you the highest possible discounts.

How can I integrate your software to our existing payroll system?

There are many ways to integrate Intellisys to other systems. You can make use of the generated data files to import to your existing system or you can directly access the database that Intellisys uses. We also offer our services to assist you in the system integration.

Do you offer after sales support? How long is your warranty?

We offer annual support and maintenance subscription to our customers, this includes remote desktop support, email and phone support. Give us a call for more info.

If there is no internet available, how can I send files to our server?

Intelli-Face supports offline and online operation. If there is no network connectivity, you can manually download the encrypted and compressed data files.

Return of Investment (ROI)

Intellisys will not only simplify and automate employee attendance but it also enables your company to save a substantial amount of money. Here is an example:

A company has 150 employees. Lets assume they were late for 11 minutes.

150 employees x 11 minutes = 1,650 minutes or 27.5 hours
27.5 hours x 22 working days/month = 605 hours late in a month.

Effective October 5, 2017 minimum wage in Manila is 512 pesos
Hourly rate: 512 / 8 = 64 pesos per hour

605 hours x 64 pesos minimum rate/hour = 38,720 pesos/month
or equivalent to 464,640 pesos SAVINGS with in a year.

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